MDX-ONE – Mini OX Kids harness / Barnsele

599.00 kr 539.10 kr

599kr - 58€





The MDXONE TM mini-OX is a 5 points ski harness. The seat harness offers extra support your little one. It is NOT removable like the MDXONE TM OX.

SAFETY FIRST!! Reflective Logos and elastic pouches to secure the extra straps. Dimensions: 10''H x 8''W.

Grab handle to pick up your little skier off the snow or to help out going on/off the chairlift.

9'static rope with two bungees. The bungees offer a smooth stop and also eliminate the need of a second rope.

Even tough this is the little brother of the famous Mdxone harness, the Mini OX is still the 2nd best harness on the market!



Although this harness is the little brother of the world's best ski and snowboard harness, it is still second best on the market! It's really night and day difference for both adults and children on the slopes to go with these harnesses!